A look back and a look ahead...

With 2015 upon us, this is a great time to reflect on the Methow Chapter's accomplishments and contributions to the Methow Valley mountain biking community during the past year and look ahead at where we're headed in the new year.

2014 Methow Chapter Accomplishments:

·         Coordinated and led the successful monthly Second Sunday Singletrack Session Work Parties April through November.   Performing much needed maintenance and making improvements to the following trails: Cedar Creek, Bear Mountain, Middle Fork Beaver, Lightning Creek, Black Bear, Magpie, Dave’s Dive and Cutthroat Creek
·        Contributed approximately 400 hours of volunteer labor to improving Methow Valley trails and riding opportunities
·         Created, hosted and promoted the 1st annual Methow Singletrack Solstice mountain bike festival.
·         Worked with USFS to develop the Evergreen – Methow Chapter Adopt a Trail program
·         Collaborated with Methow Trails, Sun Mountain Lodge and USFS to propose an improved trail system at Sun Mountain that would feature trails for all skill and fitness levels and accessible from Winthrop
·         Received approval from USFS to begin work on four trail projects at Sun Mountain (phase 1 of the proposed improved trail system).  Completed the Lower Magpie Reroute and Dave's Dive projects resulting in new higher quality and more sustainable riding opportunities at Sun Mountain.
·         Began discussions with WDFW to formally recognize and improve existing trails, develop new trails, and identify and implement infrastructure (signs, parking, etc.)
·         Partnered with the Methow Ranger District of the USFS on five RCO grant applications for 2015-2017 that would benefit Methow Valley mountain bikers if approved

2015 Methow Chapter Goals:

  • Complete additional "Phase 1" Sun Mountain Trail system improvements along Black Bear trail
  • Complete improved trail signage project in conjunction with the USFS
  • Promote and host 2nd annual Methow Singletrack Solstice mountain bike festival
  • Grow Chapter membership, both in individual and business sectors
  • Increase number of volunteer hours contributed to Methow Valley trails by 20%
  • Develop youth educational program
  • Increase our engagement with public and Chapter membership to shape our work and increase our effectiveness
  • Continue to partner and pursue grants with USFS
  • Continue work with WDFW on trails and trail development

As you can see, we've done a lot and want to do even more.  If you're a current member, thanks for being part of us.  If you've been to a work party, even better.  If you want to be a part of us and what we're doing, JOIN the Methow Chapter.