August Second Sunday Singletrack Session and Trails in the Methow

We're having quite the mid-summer here in the Methow.  Due to the number and severity of wildfires burning in the area and the extreme fire damage, we have decided not to hold a Second Sunday Singletrack Session trail work party in the month of August this year.  We've got a few new exciting projects planned for the Sun Mountain Trails and are chomping at the bit to get started on them, but now is not the time.  Stay tuned as we hope to get back on track in September.

For those of you wondering what riding is available right now in the Methow.  Cutthroat Pass and Cedar Creek continue to be great choices to get up out of the heat and smoke.  As of August 4th, the Buck Mountain Loop and lower Sun Mountain Trails are open although the latter has numerous trees down on a few trails due to a severe windstorm we had last week.

Keep thinking positive thoughts for the Methow!